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Welcome to Masterbilt Golf Carts. Custom golf carts is our thing. Amazing work is our promise. Your satisfaction is the only result we care for. We are one of the fastest growing golf cart businesses in North Florida! We strive to provide you with the best prices and outstanding customer service. If you are interested in purchasing a new or quality refurbished golf cart, give us a call today, we would love to be your provider of sales and service.




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    Battery Charging Basics

    Cycle new batteries lightly (20% or less depth of discharge) the first few cycles. This helps complete the forming process of the plates (in case they are not completely finished forming).Always allow batteries to "cool off" after charging. The cooling time is very important because heat is generated during the recharge and discharge cycles.   Read More...

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    The Case of the Pickled Battery

    It does not happen often but every once in awhile we get a question that just plain stumps us.  Recently, a Customer called late on a Friday, just before closing, with a question that left us scratching our heads.  Apparently, he was doing his monthly water service maintenance on his batteries and he accidently grabbed the “Distilled Vinegar” jug instead of the “Distilled Water” one.   Read More...

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    Yamaha Recalls Golf Carts

    Do you own a Yamaha cart? This popular brand has an active recall alert – make sure you take a look at the full article to see if you’re affected. You should contact the nearest Yamaha dealer, as they will do the repair for free.Link to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission    Read More...

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    Charge at Night - Water in the Morning

    Battery Manufacturers recommend leaving your cart plugged in and charging every night after you finished using it for the day. Modern chargers and On Board Computers (OBC's) will shut off automatically either when they are done charging or timed out. The charging process heats up the water/acid solution (electrolyte) and forces the electrolyte that has been absorbed by the battery's lead plates back into solution.   Read More...

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    Hurricane Florence approaching

    Stay safe and dry the coming days as hurricane Florence is approaching the east coast. Disconnect the batteries prior to an anticipated flooding event, and move battery to higher ground if possible. After the storm, allow the cart to thoroughly dry inside and out. Have it inspected by a trained professional before reconnecting and applying power.   Read More...

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